Our Price Monitoring tool is specifically designed to save you time and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Monitor competing prices and automatically adjust according to your search criteria and rule
  • Shows you where your item ranks in the search result
  • Allows you to adjust the quantity and turn on/off Out of Stock Control
  • You can Match, Beat or Set Above the lowest price
  • Flag listings where floor price have been reached or price have been adjusted
  • For all serious eBay sellers
  • Easy to use and very effective
Get started in less than 1 minute!

How It Works

Sign up and Authorize

After you have created an account and logged in, follow the instuctions on the screen to authenticate your eBay account. This process will allow us to acquire an eBay token which will give us access to make the necessary changes. Note that you are logging into eBay's domain so your login credentials are never compromised.

Our system will then import all your active listings and you will be able to view and edit all via the Console page.

The Console shows you a summary view of all your listings. You can adjust the search Status, enter a Floor Price, adjust the quantity or configure the search criteria of a particular listing.

Enter Search Criteria

Click on "Edit Search" for the item you wish to configure. Here you enter the search parameters to refine the search results to match your requirement. To use the Price Adjustment Rule, you must enter a Floor Price, switch the Status to 'ON' and click on 'Preview Search Results'.

The search result will show you where your item is positioned.

Setup Automatic Updates

On the 'Global Settings' page, under the Schedule Auotmatic Update section, select the Time and Day for which you would like the robot to run price checks on all your listings. Then click 'Set Schedule'.

Tip: To filter the listings that have had its price adjusted, go back to the Console page and do a sort on the 'Adjusted' column. Or click on 'Change Log' to see what changes were made.